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, we've also got to ask the wealthiest americans to go back to tax rates they paid when bill clinton was in office because, as long as i'm president, i will never turn medicare into a voucher to pay for another millionaire's tax cuts. i will never allow the nation to be plunged into another battle over health care reform just so insurance companies can jump back into the driver's seat. and i will never allow politicians in washington to control health care choices that women should be making for themselves. so, wisconsin, we know what change is. we know what the future requires. we don't need a big government agenda or a small government agenda. we need a middle class agenda that rewards hard work and responsibility. we don't need a partisan agenda. we need a common sense agenda that says, when we educate a poor child, we'll a. be better off we need a vision that says we don't just look out for yourself. we look out for one another. we look out for future generations. and we meet those obligations by working together. that's the change we believe in. that's what this election's all.
this. minnesota is a blue state that bill clinton did visit not a few -- not but 72, 36, some ente ger of 12. >> this is one you should totally ignore what these guys are saying and look where they're putting their money. that's the key resource, the key decisions at this point. where does the candidate go, the money go. to this point they can lie all day, too late in the campaign to get caught on it and look where the resources go. >> you know, i think it was mark halperin who said this, eric, that, you know, romney could have done this earlier. he could have maybe forced obama and the campaign to redirect its funds to states where they didn't want to have to play. just on the -- just to sort of deplete resources, if not to actually win votes. >> that's right. the 50 state strategy. you could have rolled that out. you could have tried to get him to play everywhere, spread him thinner and they didn't do it. it's too late to be doing that in any significant way. they might hit a few key markets with ads like in toledo to try to swing a little chunk of the state that they actually think
themselves. bill clinton had plenty to say about richard mourdock yesterday. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> the nominee who defeated him said he wanted to go to washington to bring more partisanship, that his idea of a happy day was enforcing his opinion on someone else. i don't want and governor romney endorsed the guy. we cannot afford to put the white house and the congress in the hands of people who say it is my way or the highway. >> now he -- clinton is of course focusing on mourdock's partisanship. but calling attention to the relationship that the two men have. and romney has not disavowed richard mourdock or walked back his endorsement in any way. >> i think it's very clear. people say oh, he was misconstrued, mourdock was. but he is reflecting what was an incredibly extreme policy position that is in the republican party platform, which is saying that there should be no abortion even in the cases of rape or incest. and that's something honestly as a young woman, i never thought we would be having that conversation actually at this point in time. so of course. i thin
to the news but actually, it was one of the clinton economic teams who told me, you know, as they were coming out of the '90s recession and hesitant about could they say they were out of recession, the economy really recovered, they came to the conclusion when approaching 1996 it didn't matter what they said. everyone is their own best economist. you know what's happening in your pocketbook and whether your income and outs going are balanced or not. what we've seen over the last several months is economic confidence, consumer spending, those numbers picking up significantly especially in the battleground states. it's not a question of what the headline number is. if people feel they're more secure in their jobs, they can go out and spend more money, that does translate to better numbers for the president in terms of job approval and slightly better numbers, not dramatically better numbers, but in those head-to-head and battleground states. >> on top of that, that number that we attach so much importance to from a media perspective, varies state by state. what you've seen is some of the key nu
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)